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Orlando Mold Inspections

If you suspect or have seen mold in your home, then it is imperative to get an inspection service done as soon as possible. There are several health risks associated with living in a home that is infested with mold, which can affect you and your family.


At Orlando Home Inspection, we take care of any worries by providing quality, hands-on mold inspections throughout the greater Orlando area. With over 25+ years of Orlando Mold Inspections experience, Orlando Home inspection makes sure that you are not at risk to any potential harm during each of our certified mold analyses.


We take every precaution while screening your home for mold. We utilize state-of-the-art detection methods including, air sampling and surface growth sampling to gather tangible evidence of mold occurrence in your home.


Early detection is the best defense against fight off mold, which is why we recommend having regular mold inspections done as a part of regular house maintenance. For these inspections we utilize our thermal imaging camera, which has the ability to look for moisture at your homes structure and foundation.


With over 6,000 homes successfully inspected, Orlando Home Inspections, and their team of qualified inspectors are regarded as the most trusted mold inspectors in Orlando. We are valued by our local community as a business that cares for each customer’s mold inspection needs.